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Supporting and developing the professionalisation of youth ministry around the world

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IASYM Online colloquium January 7th 2021 -

International session

  • SGT (Singapore) 04:30 (January 8th)
  • AETD (Sydney) 07:30 (January 8th)
  • EAT (Nairobi) 23:30
  • CET (Europe) 21:30
  • EST (East Coast) 15:30
  • PST (Pacific) 12:30

Chair for the session: Bård Norheim

Technical host: Christian Noval (e-mail)

  • A word from the chair of IASYM: Bård Norheim
  • A word from the editor of Journal of Youth and Theology (JYT): David White
  • International colloquium over “Which ‘youth’ in ‘youth ministry research’? – the past and future of IASYM” by Bert Roebben 
    • 15 minutes presentation
    • 20 minutes breakout rooms
    • 10 minutes for feedback from breakout rooms
  • Conclusion by the IASYM Atlanta 2022 hosts: Helen Blier and Beth Corrie
  • Optional online drink at the home bar
  • Optional session for graduate students by Helen Blier and Beth Corrie 

Optional "online drink at the homebar" continues in the same stream.

Optional session for graduate students 

Are you pursuing graduate work that focuses on youth and youth ministry? Join us for an informal conversation to network, share your scholarly interests, and learn more about how IASYM supports emerging research!

Chair: Helen Blier and Beth Corrie

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