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Supporting and developing the professionalisation of youth ministry around the world

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 IASYM Africa e-Conference 2021

Youth Ministry in Africa

‘Developing Youth Ministry in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities’

2. - 3. September 2021



The conference is free of charge, but you need a IASYM website registration: IASYM member or Free affiliation. (Registration top right corner)

Once you have a login, you can make the conference registration.


To participate in the conference please click here for the Zoom links (only accessible if you have an IASYM login: Free affiliation or Full Membership).


Questions about the conference can be directed to Garth Aziz.


Thursday, 2 September 2021

08:30 - 08:45 Arrival

08:45 – 09:15      Conference opening

                                Chair: Prof. Garth Aziz (conference host)

Welcoming address:   Prof. Shantelle Weber (IASYM Africa Chair)

09:15 – 09:30      Devotion – OJ Dickson

09:30 - 11:00 Keynote 1 (40 min) Dr. Seyram Amenyedzi (Ghana)

“The Afrocentric-Youth Paradigm”

                                Response:  Prof. Malan Nel (20 min)

                                Q&A: (10 min) -

                                Chair: Prof. Garth Aziz

11:00 – 11:15      BREAK

11:15 - 12:45 Elective Papers session I (each 15 min presentation and 10 min Q&A)

Kevin Muriithi (tech guy)

Session Chairperson:

John Gondwe


Break Away Session

Speaker: Adekunle Olusola Otunla

Perception of Christian Parents and Youth Workers on Utilization of Social Media on Youth Ministry among the Nigerian Baptist Churches in Ibadan

Speaker: Ishmael Jesse Allahmagani

Youth and Technology (social media and media)

Speaker: Ruth Omungo

Opportunity for Youth Ministry in Africa

Break Away Session

Session Chairperson:

Ebenezer Hagan


Speaker: Akanbi, Olumide Olayiwola

Selected Nigerian Hip- Hop Songs and their Religio-Ethical Implications on Nigerian Youth

Speaker: Ransford Kwabena Awuku-Gyampoh

Migration and Christian Youth Ministry: “Revisiting the forgotten African Cultural Values”

Speaker: Adesola Adekunle Adeyemi

Perception of Youth Culture among Nigerian Baptist Church leaders of Campus-based Neighbourhood Churches

13:00 End of Day

Friday, 3 September 2021

08:30 – 09:00 Welcome and Devotion – Ransford Kwabena Awuku-Gyampoh

9:00 - 10:30   Keynote 2: (40 min) Prof. Garth Aziz (South Africa)

                                “Youth Ministry as Public Theology“

Response:  Prof. Reggie Nel (20 min)

Q&A (10 min)

Chair: Prof. Shantelle Weber

10:15 -  10:30      BREAK

10:30 - 12:30  Elective Papers session II (each 15 min presentation and 10 min Q&A)                                          

Session Chairperson:

OJ Dickson


Break Away Session

Speaker: Asiedu, Philip Pascal

The Place of Structured Curriculum in the Faith Formation of Students in a Multi-Party Environment: A Northern Ghana Experience

Speaker: Kevin Muriithi

A Holistic Approach to Youth Ministry Models in Africa: A Practical Theology For Faith Formation

Speaker: Jacques Beukes

Youth, Faith and Environmental Consciousness in Africa: Introducing A New Research Initiative

Speaker: Emmanuel Opoku MensahThe Trend of Sports Betting and Gaming among the Youth: A Christian Apologetic Response

Break Away Session

Session Chairperson:

Anthony Masala


Speaker: Prof. Shantelle Weber

Youth ministry as theological education in Africa: Exploring our options

Speaker: Adekunle Olusola Otunla

Parents and Youth Workers' Pre-COVID-19 Engagements in the Use of Social Media for Ministry Effectiveness in Ibadan Baptist Conference Churches, Nigeria

Speaker: Ebenezer Hagan

Towards Holistic Development in African Youth Ministry: A Ghanaian Pentecostal Perspective

 Speaker: Bill DindiMaximizing the Opportunity of International Student Ministry in Africa

12:30 - 13:00      Business Meeting (Prof. Nathan Chiroma and Prof. Shantelle Weber)

13:00              Close

Call for papers for IASYM Africa e-Conference

“Developing Youth Ministry in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities”

2 – 3 September 2021

Africa is one of the youngest continents with nearly half the world’s youth population being African (Gray 2018) and by 2100 will account for 48% of the world’s youth population under the age of 14 (Meriam 2015, Mills 2019). The median age in Africa is 18 (Bunge 2016:92-93). Clearly, Africa is a fertile context for youth ministry, yet, many of the resources for youth ministry originates from the West/Euro contexts. While there, is a growing presence in the academic and youth ministry praxis, much of what happens in Africa remains primarily influenced by Western/European hegemonies? The challenge with employing Western/European resources is that it often misses the African nuances and cultures and does not always acknowledge the many challenges and opportunities that are unique to the African context. It is clear that there is a vital need to develop youth ministry resources and praxis in an African context and from an African context.

It is against this background that IASYM Africa invites you to submit a paper abstract for the upcoming e-conference on the 2-3 September 2021 under the theme, “Developing youth ministry in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities”. There will be a dual focus of the conference. The first focus will be on the praxis of youth ministry in and from an African context. What happens at the local church level that could inform curriculum development that is suitable for the African context in the African university and seminary? Secondly, how can we develop curriculum that will be suitable for an African praxis that can faithfully and truthfully problematize the African context?

We welcome proposals from both academics and practitioners under the above theme. Papers, however, will be considered from various perspectives in youth ministry, and can address any of the following themes:

1. Opportunities for youth ministry in Africa

2. Challenges to youth ministry in Africa

3. Youth and culture

4. Youth ministry in the academy (curriculum development, decoloniality, methodology)

5. Youth and technology (social media, media)

6. COVID-19 and youth ministry (opportunities, challenges, ‘new normal’)

7. Societal challenges (youth development, violence, and abuse)

8. The African youth and spiritual formation/spirituality

9. Youth and sexuality (LGBTQI)

10. The African youth and disability

11. Youth ministry for and with youth

Timeline for submissions:

June 15th 2021: Deadline for proposals

July 10th 2021: Acceptance notification and feedback will be sent by the academic committee

August 25th 2021: Deadline for completed full-text paper submissions

Submission of proposals:

Proposal should be submitted to the academic committee not later than: June 15th 2021

. Your proposal should include:

  • Your full name and country of residence
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your academic background
  • Your institution
  • The title of your paper
  • The abstract (max 300 words).

Please submit your proposal by e-mail to;

Please ensure that all of the above requirements are met before submission.


Bunge, M.J., 2016, ‘Task, sources and significance of theologies of childhood’, in J. Grobbelaar & G. Breed (eds.), Theologies of childhood and the children of Africa, pp. 92–112, AOSIS, Cape Town.

Gray, A., 2018, ‘What you need to know about the world’s youth, in 7 charts’, viewed 20 May 2019, from

Meriam, M., 2015, ‘The young continent’, viewed 20 May 2019, from

Mills, G., 2019, ‘Youth is Africa’s prime challenge – But it could be an asset’, viewed 20 May 2019, from

If you have general inquires about the IASYM regional African conference please contact Garth Aziz.

The conference registration isn't open yet.

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