Sydney 2017: Papers and Presenters

Keynote Presenters:

Ruth Lukabyo (Australia) From foursquare to fellowship: Denominational youth ministry in Sydney in the 1930s

Tony Jones (USA) Using the past to mitigate the present: Setting the historical context of the religion-and-science debate with twenty-first century adolescents

Helen Blier (USA) & Graham Stanton (Australia) Wide-awakeness in the world: Exploring pedagogical dimensions of youth ministry in conversation with Maxine Greene

Nathan Chiroma (Nigeria) Tapping the unexplored power and potential of youth in fighting corruption

Sally Nash (UK) Shame in youth ministry: A typology to inform praxis

Bård Norheim (Norway) The four speeches every youth minister has to know: A public rhetoric for youth ministry


Elective Papers:

Sarah Dunlop (UK) Youth, public theology and the megachurch

Dan Haugh (USA) Adolescence reconciling and rediscovering faith in the age of science

Steve Dixon (Australia) Social Media and Adolescent Spirituality in Australia

Gunnar Innerdal (Norway) Christian Faith and Evolution in Christian Private Schools in Norway: Practices and Attitudes among Teachers and Leaders

Christian Noval (Denmark) A Theological Anthropology of Youth

Andrew Zirschky (USA) Koinonia amidst connections: Re-imagining christian relationality in an age of networks

Mark Smith (Australia) Youth ministry in Sydney catholic schools

Victor Counted (South Africa) Missionising youth identity crisis: Towards a missional hermeneutic of coping in youth ministry practice

Stephie Mertens (Netherlands) Science and Faith in the Franciscan Context: Exploring Perceptions of Young People and Organizers

Amy Jacober (USA) Hesed: How youth ministry with teens with disabilities helps restore an abundant community

Chris Ryan (Australia) The baptismal catechumenate as inspiration for youth ministry

Shantelle Weber (South Africa), Brandon Weber (South Africa) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth: What does science and faith have to do with youth ministry

Steve Emery Wright (UK/South Korea) Necessary networks

Richard Rymarz (Australia) The paradox of Catholic education: Implications for youth ministry

Len Kageler (USA) & Amy Jacober (USA) Human error in Christian youth work: A cross-national study of youth worker mistakes

Berit Berg (Denmark) Mind the gap! youth and its place in youth churches

Scott Paget (UK) The Commodification of Youth and the Resistance of Youth Ministry in the Scottish Context

Rowan Lewis (Australia) Changing Faith: Tracing the spiritual lives of Australian emerging adults through significant experiences of spiritual and religious change

Sam Baker (USA) Who’s shaping whom? Digital disruption in the spiritual lives of post-familial emerging adults

Short Papers

Russell Haitch (USA) Responding to Atheism, Publically and Pastorally

Thomas Nedergaard (Denmark) About letting go and being a church for young people who are not churchgoers

Garth Aziz (South Africa) Youth ministry as an agency of youth development: A consideration for the young person on the Cape Flats

Monique van Dijk-Groen (Netherlands) Go for it! Youth ministry and religious education in a secularized world

Paul Nash (UK) What do chaplains do? Researching a taxonomy of chaplaincy with young people

Stephen Reid (Australia) The Possibilities of Sports Chaplaincy in Local Youth Ministry within the Australian context

Kylie Butler (Australia) Equipping from afar: A Pauline model for transitioning young leaders in the Australian church

Philip Hughes (Australia) Youth Ministry and Five Dimensions of the Spiritual Wellbeing of Young People in Australia

Harmen van Wijnen (Netherlands) Faith in Small Groups: Being together as a basic given

Sam Kilpatrick (New Zealand) Training for ministry with youth: An exploration of Carey’s youth pastoral leadership programme

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