Sydney 2017 Conference Program

Tuesday, 3rd January: Registration for early arrivals. Please email with flight arrival time.

Wednesday, 4th January

9:00 am          Registration open

11:00am         Morning tea

12:00 noon     Welcome and Introduction

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00-3:30 pm Keynote 1: Ruth Lukabyo (Australia) From foursquare to fellowship: Denominational youth ministry in Sydney in the 1930s

3:30 pm          Afternoon tea

4:00-5:40 pm  Shorter Elective Papers (Session 1)

Room A: Russell Haitch (USA) Responding to Atheism, Publically and Pastoral (Science and Youth Ministry)

Room B: Thomas Nedergaard (Denmark) About letting go and being a church for young people who are not churchgoers uKirke – a youth church in Copenhagen a part of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark / Garth Aziz (South Africa) Youth ministry as an agency of youth development: A consideration for the young person on the Cape Flats

Room C: Monique van Dijk-Groen (Netherlands) Go for it! Youth ministry and religious education in a secularized world (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry) / Paul Nash (UK) What do chaplains do? Researching a taxonomy of chaplaincy with young people

Room D: Stephen Reid (Australia) The Possibilities of Sports Chaplaincy in Local Youth Ministry within the Australian context / Kylie Butler (Australia) Equipping from afar: A Pauline model for transitioning young leaders in the Australian church

Room E: Philip Hughes (Australia) Youth Ministry and Five Dimensions of the Spiritual Wellbeing of Young People in Australia

6:00 pm          Pre-dinner drinks

6:30 pm          Dinner

7:30-9:00 pm Elective Papers (Session 2)

Room A: Sarah Dunlop (UK)Youth, public theology and the megachurch (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

Room B: Dan Haugh (USA) Adolescence reconciling and rediscovering faith in the age of science (Science and Youth Ministry)

Room C: Steve Dixon (Australia) Social Media and Adolescent Spirituality in Australia

Room D: Gunnar Innerdal (Norway) Christian Faith and Evolution in Christian Private Schools in Norway: Practices and Attitudes among Teachers and Leaders (Science and Youth Ministry)

Room E: Christian Noval (Denmark) A Theological Anthropology of Youth

9:00-10:00 pm                        Bar, entertainment


Thursday, 5th January

7:45 am          Morning Prayer

8:30 am          Breakfast

9:30 am          Keynote 2: Tony Jones (USA) Using the past to mitigate the present: Setting the historical context of the religion-and-science debate with twenty-first century adolescents (Science and Youth Ministry)

11:00 am        Morning Tea

11:30 am        Elective papers (Session 3)

Room A: Andrew Zirschky (USA) Koinonia amidst connections: Re-imagining christian relationality in an age of networks

Room B: Mark Smith (Australia) Youth ministry in Sydney catholic schools

Room C: Victor Counted (South Africa) Missionising youth identity crisis: Towards a missional hermeneutic of coping in youth ministry practice

Room D: Stephie Mertens (Netherlands) Science and Faith in the Franciscan Context: Exploring Perceptions of Young People and Organizers” (Science and Youth Ministry)

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00 pm          Emerging Research Discussion & Networking

3:15 pm          Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm          Keynote 3: Helen Blier (USA) & Graham Stanton (Australia) Wide-awakeness in the world: Exploring Pedagogical Dimensions of Youth Ministry in conversation with Maxine Greene (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

5:00 pm          Celebration of Publications

5:30 pm          pre-dinner drinks

6:00pm           BBQ dinner


Friday, 6th January

7:45 am          Morning Prayer

8:30 am          Breakfast

9:30 am          Keynote 4: Nathan Chiroma (Nigeria) Tapping the unexplored power and potential of youth in fighting corruption

11:00 am        Morning tea

11:30 am        Elective papers (Session 4)

Room A: Amy Jacober (USA) Hesed: How youth ministry with teens with disabilities helps restore an abundant community (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

Room B: Chris Ryan (Australia) The baptismal catechumenate as inspiration for youth ministry”

Room C: Shantelle Weber & Brandon Weber (South Africa) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth: What does science and faith have to do with youth ministry? (Science and Youth Ministry)

Room D: Steve Emery-Wright (UK/South Korea) Necessary networks

Room E: (Shorter Papers) Richard Rymarz (Australia) The paradox of Catholic education: Implications for youth ministry” / Len Kageler & Amy Jacober (USA) Human error in Christian youth work: A cross-national study of youth worker mistakes

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00 pm          Social Activities / Free Time

  • Hit the Beach (Bus to Coogee Beach, cost $10)
  • See the Sights (Walking tour around Sydney Harbour foreshore, cost $15)
  • Meet the Wildlife (Sydney Wildlife World, cost $45)

6:30 pm          Dinner

7:30 pm          Keynote 5: Sally Nash (UK) Shame in youth ministry: A typology to inform praxis (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

9:00 pm          IASYM Members’ Meeting

10:00 pm        Bar


Saturday, 7th January

7:45 am          Morning prayer

8:30 am          Breakfast

9:30 am          Elective papers (Session 5)

Room A: Berit Berg (Denmark) Mind the gap! youth and its place in youth churches”(Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

Room B: Scott Paget (UK) The Commodification of Youth and the Resistance of Youth Ministry in the Scottish Context

Room C: Rowan Lewis (Australia) Changing Faith: Tracing the spiritual lives of Australian emerging adults through significant experiences of spiritual and religious change

Room D: Sam Baker (USA) Who’s shaping whom? Digital disruption in the spiritual lives of post-familial emerging adults (Science and Youth Ministry)

Room E: Shorter Papers: Harmen van Wijnen (Netherlands) Faith in Small Groups: Being together as a basic given / Sam Kilpatrick (New Zealand) Training for ministry with youth: An exploration of Carey’s youth pastoral leadership programme

11:00 am        Morning Tea

11:30 am        Keynote 6: Bård Norheim (Norway) The four speeches every youth minister has to know: A public rhetoric for youth ministry (Public and Contextual Theology and Youth Ministry)

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00 pm          Departure

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