Program Outline for Australasian Regional Colloquium

Program Outline for Australasian Regional Colloquium

Wednesday, 8 July 

10:00am        Registration

11:00-12:30  Welcome and Introduction; Presentation 1:

Some Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices of Australian Catholic School Students and What This Means for Youth Ministry, Anthony Cleary Catholic Education Office Sydney

12:30            Lunch

1:30-2:30      Presentation 2:

Hemorrhaging Faith: An Australian Response, Darren Cronshaw, Baptist Union of Victoria; Rowan Lewis, Whitely College, Melbourne; Stacey Wilson, Victoria Council of Christian Education.

2:30-4:00      Research Paper 1:

Renegotiating Faith through Emerging Adulthood, Rowan Lewis, Whitely College, Melbourne / University of Divinity

4:00              Afternoon Tea

4:30-5:30      Presentation 3:

The place of doubt in the faith development of young people, Jim French, Vice Principal, Youthworks College, Sydney.

7:00              Dinner at MMP

Thursday, 9 July

9:00-10:30    Research Paper 2:

Church in the Third Place, Stuart Crawshaw, Soul Revival Church, Sydney.

11:00-12:30  Research Paper 3:

Spiritual Formation In And For Freedom: Christian Youth Ministry in light of Maxine Greene’s Dialectic of Freedom, Graham Stanton, University of Queensland

12:30pm       Lunch

2:00-3:00      Research Proposals (parallel):

The impact of fathers on the faith formation of their children: A review of current literature, Tim Beilharz, Youthworks Training, Sydney. (Chair: tbc)

The role of silence in engaging youth and children in the gospel of Mark, Rob Woolfrey, St. Johns Cooks Hill, Newcastle. (Chair: Graham Stanton)

The Ethics of SRE: How should Christians engage with the Government to forward their agenda? Mike Southon, Youthworks Training, Sydney (Chair: Rowan Lewis)

3:30-4:30      Presentations 4 & 5 (parallel):

The World: Preparing or Protecting our Children, Bill Salier, Principal, Youthworks College, Sydney

The Impact of World Youth Day on young Australians, Anthony Cleary Catholic Education Office Sydney

7:00pm         Dinner (optional): Greenwood Hotel

Friday, 10 July

9:00-10:30    Research Paper 4:

First Century Corinthian questions for Twenty-First Century Western youth and children’s ministry: Biblical Scholarship and Faith formation in conversation, Beth Barnett, Victorian Council of Christian Education

11:00-12:30  Research Papers 5 & 6 (parallel):

Developing Youth Ministry within ‘Evangelizing Communities’: The Catholic Church’s Engagement with Young Australians in the Light of a Contemporary Theology of Mission, Chris Ryan MGL, University of Divinity (CTC).

Small groups, camps and DRMs. Ministry at schools in Sydney in the 1930s, Ruth Lukabyo, Youthworks College, Sydney

12:30-1:00    Conclusion: Building an Australasian Youth Ministry Research Network

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