Australasian Conference: Melbourne 2018

Australasian Conference: Melbourne 2018

The next Australasian Regional conference of the IASYM will be held in Melbourne, Australia, from 19-21 April, 2018.

Registration Deadline: Midday, Monday, 16 April (AEST)

The conference gathers people involved in children’s, youth and emerging/young adult ministry as teachers, lecturers, researchers or thoughtful practitioners across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The conference provides an opportunity to engage with the latest scholarship and research related to Christian ministry among young people as well as a forum for building stronger networks.

Keynote Presentations:

  • Bree MillsGlen Waverley Anglican Church: “Evaluating the efficacy of missional communities as a model for Australian Youth Ministries and proposing a way forward for the Australian context”
  • Ruth Lukabyo, Youthworks College: “The 1959 Billy Graham Crusade as Youth Revival”
  • Rowan Lewis, Whitley College, University of Divinity: “Forming Faith-The Ecclesial Paradox”
  • Graham Stanton, Ridley College: “Forming Youth Ministers for a Complex Future” (The Peter Corney Lecture in Youth Ministry)

Elective Sessions

The program for 2018 offers three formats for engagement and interaction: research papers, emerging research and research skills workshops:

  • Research Papers present new research in children’s, youth and emerging/youngadult ministrysubmitted by conference delegates. In each session the presentation will be followed by a prepared response as well as group discussion.
  • Emerging Research sessions provide an opportunity to share ‘works-in-progress’ and developing thoughts as well as completed ideas not yet established in a formal paper. These sessions provide an opportunity for new or emerging researchers (whether engaged in formal study or as a thoughtful practitioner) to road-test ideas and receive feedback in a constructive environment.
  • Research Skills Workshops offer professional development opportunities to assist delegates in the craft of research. A workshop session could look at software to aid research and writing, how to develop a PhD proposal, tips for turning research into publications.

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