Melbourne 2018: Program

Program for Australasian Regional Conference, Melbourne 2018

Thursday, 19 April

10:30am       Registration

10:50            Morning tea

11:15-1:10    Welcome and Introduction: Keynote Session 1:

Chris Ryan MGL, Catholic Theological College/University of Divinity, “Dialogical identity, baptism, and young people”

1:10pm          Lunch

2:00-3:15      Elective Session 1:

Bill Salier, Youthworks College: “I must confess? Biblical theological and developmental reflections on the practice of confession of sin”

Darren Cronshaw, Australian College of Ministries and Baptist Union of Victoria, “Australian Baptist Generational Perspectives from National Church Life Survey 2016”

3:45-5:00      Breakout Session 1:

Steve Dixon, Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT, Morling College: “Evaluation of Here2Stay”

Mark Lysaght & Shayne Bennett, Australian Catholic University: “”Culture of Encounter” in Campus Ministry”

Tim Beilharz, Youthworks, Moore College: “Reformed Personalism and Childhood Faith Development”

5:15              Afternoon tea

5:45              Peter Corney Public Lecture in Youth Ministry:

Graham Stanton, Ridley College: “Forming youth ministers for a complex future”

7:15              Dinner (Ridley)

Friday, 20 April

8:00am         Breakfast excursion (Code Black Coffee, Brunswick)

9:30-10:45    Keynote Session 2:

Ruth Lukabyo, Youthworks College: “The 1959 Billy Graham Crusade as Youth Revival”

11:15-12:30  Breakout session 2:

Mick Hyam, Youthworks College: “Identity and the Cross”

Jeff Andrews, Ignite: “Creating awareness of spirituality through re-creating the adolescent rites of passage for the Australian context”

Viv Cheung, Ridley College, Mary Andrews College: “The language of calling in 1 Corinthians”

12:30pm       Lunch

2:00-3:15      Elective session 2:

David Fagg, Deakin University: “Christian youth workers in secular space”

Bree Mills, Glen Waverley Anglican Church, Morling College: “Evaluating the efficacy of missional communities as a model for Australian Youth Ministries and proposing a way forward for the Australian context”

3:45-4:30     Research skills Workshops:

Insights on getting published – Bad reviews and all

Using IT for more efficient academic workflow

Surviving and thriving in the psychological journey of the PhD

7:00               Dinner excursion (optional): Brunswick Mess Hall

Saturday, 21 April

9:00-10:15am    Keynote session 3:

Rowan Lewis, Whitley College, University of Divinity:  “Forming faith – the ecclesial paradox”

10:45-12:00  Breakout session 3:

Marshall Ballantine-Jones, University of Sydney: “Essential Factors needed in a comprehensive education curriculum aimed at reducing the effects of pornography on adolescents”

John Marion, Salvation Army: “Youth Ministry Begins with Young People – Conceptual Frameworks for a Youth Centred Approach to Youth Ministry”

Tamara Robson, Earlwood Anglican Church: “Gender Confusion: An Exploration of Origins & a Pastoral Framework”

Danielle Treweek,  St. Mark’s National Theological Centre, Charles Sturt University: “The End of Singleness? Towards an Evangelical Theological Ethic of Authentic Purpose and Belonging for the Unmarried (with special reference to implications for ministry amongst Christian youth)”

12:30-1:00    Conclusion

1:00pm         Lunch


Registration and Accommodation

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