International Conference: Durham 2019

IASYM Durham 2019: Identity and Agenda for Youth Ministry

The next biennial international conference of the IASYM will be held at St. John’s College, Durham, UK, from 3-6 January, 2019.

Acknowledging both rootedness and fluidity in concepts of youth and the practice of ministry to youth, the 2019 biennial international conference of the IASYM will

  • Explore theological foundations that drive the identity of youth ministry;
  • Reflect on the telos and public significance of youth ministry;
  • Revisit our theological understanding of youth;
  • Critically reflect on the end to which are we preparing the young people we work with; and
  • Consider contemporary movements to expand the age interest beyond youth to ministry among children and young adults.

Exploring these questions will help to equip those who work with young people as well as considering how to prepare young people to engage publicly during challenging and unstable political times.



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