Durham 2019: Programme

Thursday, January 3rd

Event Venue
11:00 am Arrival and registration St John’s and Collingwood
1:00 pm Lunch St John’s Dining Room
2:00 pm Welcome/Introduction & Opening service Cathedral
3:30 pm Afternoon tea St John’s Dining Room
4:00 pm Keynote 1  Pete Ward: Celebrities as Theologians of the Self: The Music Videos of Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce Leech Hall
6:00 pm Dinner St John’s Dining Room
7:00 pm Short Elective Papers
Len Kageler: Two Decades of Youth Ministry Research:  Reflections on the “So What?” Leech Hall
Ruth Perrin: Roots and Branches: Shapes of Emerging Adult Faith
Danielle Treweek: The End of Singleness? Towards an Evangelical Theological Ethic of Identity, Purpose and Belonging Tristram Room
Ron Becker: ‘Reading The Young Testament – Ingredients For A Theology Of Youth’
Frantisek Stech: Exploring theology of expectation as foundation for theological understanding of youth Vasey Room
Sarah-Ann Bixler: Congregation as Safe Haven and Secure Base? Youth Ministry from An Attachment Perspective
Zoe Philips: What is the Purpose of Youth Ministry in the Church of England? Wallis Room
Tim Leeson: Rivalry in Youth Ministry: An Autoethnographic Study
8:30 pm Social time in bar Crossroads Bar in St John’s

Friday, January 4th

Event Venue
7:45 am Breakfast Dining Hall – In your college of residence
8:30 am Morning Worship
 9:00 am Keynote 2: Murray Wilkinson: Young People as Fellow Pilgrims: is prejudice (specifically ageism) preventing congregations from welcoming younger generations as equal members? Leech Hall
10:30 am Morning Tea Dining Hall
11.00 am Emerging research papers
Gemma Foster: Faith Formation in Emerging Adulthood via Instagram Leech Hall
Kevin Lowry: Meeting Them Where They Are: A Practical Theology for Engaging Emerging Adults
Joyce Del Rosario: Re-Imaging Mary: A Womanist Consideration of the Holy Teen Mom
Jonathan Fraser: Youth Ministry, Participation and the Priesthood of All Believers Tristram Room
Jodi Hunt: The Digital Way: Re-Imagining Digital Discipleship in the Age of Social Media)
Monique Van Dijk Groeneboer: Rooted youth in a fluid world
Mick Hyam: Whose am I? The doctrine of the atonement and teenage identity Vasey Room
Lynette Teagle: The Emperor Above All: Emergent Ordinary Practical Theology In Mainland Chinese International Students
Kyle Lincoln: Foster Parenting as a Metaphor for Transitional Youth Ministry
Richard Rymarz: Catholic Parish Based Youth Ministers: A Preliminary Study Wallis Room
Matt Levett: Safeguarding & Relational Youth Ministry: Friend or Foe?
Ivan Christian: Juvenile Ageism: The Challenge for Adoptive Youth Ministry in Indonesia
Phoebe Hill: ‘Being-at-home’ the findings from an ethnographic study of a Christian youth work drop-in) Etchell’s Room
Lauren Cooke: The Minor Prophets: Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination in Young People)
Ronnelle Sonneberg: Faith on authority by young people
12.30 pm Lunch Dining Hall
1.30 pm Elective Papers
Sally Nash, Paul Nash & Nigel Roberts: Chaplaincy as a reframing and expansion of youth ministry – initiating and developing an occupational standards ecumenical project in the UK for chaplaincy with ages 5-25 Leech Hall
David White: Joy and Youth: Introducing the Yale/Templeton grant project Vasey Room
Helen Warnock: Youth Ministry through the eyes of Northern Irish Practitioners Wallis Room
Amy Jacober: The time it takes: Changing the pace of ministry for discipleship, belonging, and disability in youth ministry Etchell’s Room
2.30 pm Afternoon Tea Dining Hall
3.00 pm Short Elective Papers
Robin Barfield: Children and the imago Dei: A Reformed Proposal regarding the spiritual openness of the child Leech Hall
Lydia Van Leersum: Playful participants: children’s perspectives on worship
Sam Baker: Practicing the Patience of God: A Response to Technologically-Induced Impatience in the Lives of Adolescents by Way of Ancient Holy Habit Tristram Room
Gareth Crispin: What role does the village have? Biblical-theological insight into the church/home relationship
Conrad Parsons: Multiplication Principles for Youth Ministry: Lessons from the Pacific Islands Vasey Room
Steve Emery Wright: A Messy Donut: Blurring the Boundaries of Youth Ministry
4.45 pm Keynote 3 – Plenary: A Priest, a PhD Student, and a Theology Professor Walk Into a Conference… a structured panel based theological conversation around Theology of Youth. Leech Hall
6.15 pm Book Launch Reception Leech Hall
6.45 pm Dinner Dining Hall
7.30 pm Social Time Crossroads Bar in St John’s

Saturday, January 5th

Event Venue
7:45 am Breakfast In your college of residence
8:30 am Morning Worship
9.00 am Keynote 4: Seyram Amenyedzi: ‘We are forgotten’: The Plight of Persons with Disability in Youth Ministry Leech Hall
10.30 am Morning Tea Dining Hall
11.00 am Short Elective Papers
Paul Philips: “What can Jürgen Moltmann’s ‘Theology of Hope’ contribute towards an eschatological approach to youth ministry?” Leech Hall
Bill Salier: ‘I must confess? Biblical theological and developmental reflections on the practice of confession of sin’
Russell Haitch: ‘A Chief End of Youth Ministry’ Tristram Room
Bård Norheim / Knut Tveitereid: ‘Dynamic patterns among youth-leaders: An Ethnographic Study of Identity and Agenda in Thriving Youth Ministries’
Shantelle Weber: ‘Being African and from Africa: An exploration of youth faith formation through the lens of African cultural perceptions of youth’ Wallis Room
Fazel Freeks: ‘Equipping the youth through a community engagement training tool and preparing them for challenging and complex times in their respective communities: The TOTAL LIFE training tool as a possible and effective solution for youth challenges’
Workshop session: turning your idea into research (with Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer and Helen Blier) Etchell’s Room
12.30 pm Lunch Dining Hall
1.30 pm Elective Papers
Patrick Hoering: Theologizing with adolescents. To understand a ‘Youth Theology’ Leech Hall
Graham Stanton: A Theology of Complexity for Youth Ministry Leadership in Times of Change Tristram Room
Malan Nel: Revisiting a few Theological departure points for Youth Ministry Vasey Room
MaryAnn Gratton: Understanding the restless heart: The moral experiences and needs of contemporary early adolescents Wallis Room
Jinok Lee: A study of theological aspects for the protagonist of young laity in the Church and society: The important role of Korean young laity to evangelize the Catholic Church and society in Korea Etchell’s Room
2.30 pm Free Time
5.45 pm AGM Leech Hall
6.30 pm Dinner Dining Hall
7.30 pm Keynote 5: Berit Berg & Christian Noval: The theological anthropology of youth ministry practices Leech Hall
9.00 pm Social time Crossroads Bar

Sunday, January 6th

Event Venue
7.45 am Breakfast In your college of residence
8.30 am Morning Worship
9.30 am Elective Papers
Ruth Lukabyo: ‘On writing a history of youth ministry’ Leech Hall
Amy Panton: ‘Providing Spiritual Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Who Self-Injure’ Wallis Room
 Helen Blier: ‘Liturgy and The Work of the (Young) People’  Etchell’s Room
10.30 am Morning Tea Dining Room
11.00 am Keynote 6: Barbara McDade ‘A Theology of Work and Youth Ministry: Preparing Young People for Their Kingdom Calling’ Leech Hall
12.30 pm Lunch Dining Hall
 2.00 pm Departure
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