Durham 2019: Call for Papers

Identity and Agenda for Youth Ministry:

Acknowledging both rootedness and fluidity in concepts of youth and the practice of ministry to youth the academic committee invite proposals for papers that:

  • Explore theological foundations that drive the identity of youth ministry;
  • Reflect on the telos and public significance of youth ministry;
  • Revisit our theological understanding of youth;
  • Critically reflect on the end to which are we preparing the young people we work with; and/or
  • Consider contemporary movements to expand the age interest beyond youth to ministry among children and young adults.

Exploring these questions will help to equip those who work with young people as well as considering how to prepare young people to engage publicly during challenging and unstable political times.

We also invite papers on other themes that meet the IASYM’s stated aim to further the academic study and research of youth and youth ministry to raise the profile of youth ministry as a calling, career and/or professional enterprise, and to encourage the reflection on youth ministry and academic discipline that will support the practice of youth ministry.

Emerging Research:

If your research is at an early stage or you would like to present work-in-progress specifically to receive feedback and input from others in the association then please identify your proposal as an emerging research proposal.

Proposals Due by 15 May, 2018:

Paper proposals should be no more than 300 words and submitted to the conference’s Academic Chair, Mark Scanlan at mark.scanlan@stmellitus.ac.uk by May 15th 2018.

The academic committee will review all proposals after May 1st. Proposers will be given feedback and informed if their paper is accepted by or shortly after July 1st 2018.

Academic Committee:

  • Mark Scanlan, St. Miletus College, UK
  • Dr Helen Blier, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, USA
  • Rev Dr Bill Salier, Youthworks College, Australia
  • Dr Anita Cloete, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Dr Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, Netherlands

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