Cambridge FAQ and VISA Information


Where is the conference location?
The conference is being held at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Information about the college can be found at To see where the college is located in Cambridge, follow this Google Maps link.
Are towels and toiletries provided?
Towels and complimentary toiletries are provided in all rooms. For further details see our conference accommodation page.
Can I arrange additional accommodation prior to or following the conference?
Accommodation between the 3rd to the 6th Jan is included in the conference price. A limited number of rooms are available before the conference for the 2nd or afterwards for the night of the 6th. If you wish to book a room for the 2nd or 6th you should contact the college directly by email Please also let know the extra nights you have booked for our records.

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Editorial As you will have noticed, we have struggled to keep a proper rhythm for JYT in recent years. In June the Executive Team of the Association met for a…

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Paul’s paideia: Creating a strong sense of self

Andy Stirrup

While youth ministers may argue over which ministry model is best or
works best, one thing that all are agreed on is that the teenage years
are tremendously important in terms of building a sense of personal
identity. There are different ways in which young people can go
about constructing a sense of who I am and where I fit, but not all of
them are sturdy enough and sufficient enough to see them through
the sometimes turbulent years of adolescence and to offer a secure
platform from which to engage generously with the world. Written to
provoke those who teach youth ministry to think about the models we
assume within our teaching. This essay draws on the social sciences
to look at two different ways in which we might think about ourselves
and then turns to Paul’s letter to the Philippians to consider a robust
and satisfying alternative.

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