Auckland 2019 Program

Keynote Papers:

David Bosma, PhD Cand. University of Otago, Christchurch: The Struggle of Conversion

Dr Ruth Lukabyo, Youthworks College, Sydney: On writing a history of youth ministry

Rev Dr Chris Ryan MGL, St Declan’s Penshurst: Revisiting the Significance of Conversion for Youth Ministry

Rev Dr Graham Stanton, Ridley College, Melbourne: The End of Youth Ministry: Aims, Purpose, and Values for Youth Ministry in an Expressivist Culture

4:00pm Registration Opens
5:00 Pōwhiri (Welcome)
5:45 Conference Dinner “The Conference Ahead”
Keynote 1 : David Bosma: “The Struggle of Conversion”
7:15 Electives
Don Smith “Leadership Development Programs for Young Men”
John Marion “Co-Design and Youth Ministry – A Lived Experience Approach to Engaging Young People”
8:30 Evening Concludes
9:00am Keynote 2: Graham Stanton: “The End of Youth Ministry: Aims, Purpose, and Values for Youth Ministry in an Expressivist Culture”
10:15 Emerging Research presentations
Conrad Parsons “Multiplication Principles for Youth Ministry: Lessons from the Pacific Islands”
Mike Dicker “What does a Reformed Evangelical Anglican Theology say about the place of children and young people in the church?”
Brian Harvey “the theological foundations that drive the identity of youth ministry”
Mia Kafieris “A Spirituality of Time for Identity/Faith Formation”
11:30 Morning Tea
12:00pm Electives
Richard Rymarz “Youth Ministers: A Departure Point for Better Understanding Religious Salience?”
Rowan Lewis “Faith development 2.0 – youth ministry and contemporary understandings of human development in faith”
1:15 Lunch
2:00 Research Skills Workshops
3:10 Electives

Sam Wan ““I help him out: He helps me to learn.” Lessons learnt in how disability, inclusion, belonging and friendship enriches Christian youth ministries, communities and faith development for those with and without disability.”
Kate Dunstan-Brown “Helping and Hurting a Sense of Belonging Through Young People’s Eyes”
Rachel Roche “Our Stories: Journeying Together in an Appreciative Inquiry with all ages at Franklin Baptist Church”
3:50 Afternoon Tea
4:10 Afternoon excursion and dinner (optional)
8:30am IASYM Members’ Meeting (continental breakfast included)
9:30 Keynote 3: Chris Ryan “Revisiting the Significance of Conversion for Youth Ministry”
10:45 Morning Tea
11:15 Electives

David Fagg “On a mission”: Christian youth workers in the emerging secular culture of the 1960s-1970s.
Tim Beilharz “Faith in the Suburbs: The Formative Nature of Church Communities in the Faith Development of Children and Young People”
12:30pm Lunch
1:30 Emerging research

Bradon French “Mapping a Biblical Hermeneutic of Migrant Adolescents within the Uniting Church in Australia.”
Rob Wolfrey “A Jesus Community – Reflecting on Practice.”
Stuart Crawshaw “Youth Ministry as a Cultural Shock Absorber: An Ecclesiological and Ethnographic Study of Soul Revival’s youth ministry and church planting.”
Rohan Waters “Australian Youth Spirituality – a longitudinal study
2:45 Afternoon Tea
3:15 Keynote 4 : Ruth Lukabyo “The history of Protestant youth ministry; a review”
4:30 Poroporoaki – Ending
5:00 Close

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