London 2015: Conference Schedule

Schedule for the London 2015 International Conference.

Saturday, 3rd January

11:00 am        Arrival and registration

1:00 pm          Lunch

1:45 pm          Welcome and introduction

2:00-3:30 pm Keynote 1: Christian Noval – Roundtable: The locus theologicus of youth within youth ministry research 

3:30 pm          Afternoon tea

4:00 pm          Emerging research electives and shorter elective papers (Session 1)

Stream 1: Faith Development in Youth

4:00-4:30: Rowan Lewis – Faith loss and change in Emerging Adulthood

4:30-5:00: Samuel Baker – Raised a teenage Kataphatic: Utilizing Spiritual Type Theory in Assessing catechetical models of adolescent faith development

Stream 2: Youth Ministry Practice

4.00-4.30: Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer – Youth ministry; for, from and about youth?!

4.30-5.00: Helen Blier – The Eighth Bad Thought: Acedia, Spiritual Discipline, and Whatever

Stream 3: Agendas for Youth Ministry

4.00-4.30: Amy Jacober and Mindi Godfrey – Understanding Full Humanity in Youth Ministry through Identity and Hospitality

4.30-5.00: Naomi Stanton – Youth Ministry – social, spiritual and institutional agendas

5:10pm           Emerging research electives and shorter elective papers (Session 2)

Stream 4: Ecclesiology & Youth Ministry

5:10-5:40: Mark Scanlan – Negotiating Church: Using an exploration of two ‘Urban Saints’ groups in the UK to help form ecclesiological thinking within youth ministry

5.40-6.10: David Bailey – Ecclesiology, Youth Ministry and Theological Shorthand

Stream 5: The Bible & Youth Ministry

5.10-5.40:Gabriel Monet – Place and role of the Bible in youth ministry research

5.40-6.10:Rob Wolfrey – The role of silence or gaps in the Gospel of Mark in generating universal engagement and relevance             

Stream 6:

5.10-5.40:Sarah Brush – A Growing Faith: The Metaphor of Trees as an aid to understanding the Support of Young People in Faith Development

5.40-6.10:Christopher Stewart – Ministry the Youth way: Juvenile Justice Reform             

6:10 pm          Pre-dinner drinks

6:30 pm          Dinner

7:30-9:00 pm Elective Papers (Session 1)

Stream 1: Russell Haitch – Knowing and Being Known: How Epistemology Relates to Youth Studies and Youth Identity

Stream 2: Nick Shepherd – Doing God in youth work and education: Developing discourses in the Public Theology of youth ministry and mission

Stream 3: Tobias Faix – “I cannot talk about God” – Making Young People’s Spirituality more Visible. Empirical and theological reflection on the semantic of adolescents about their faith

Stream 4: Harmen van Wijnen – Teaching the narrative of Shalom and Justice: the calling of Christian higher education in the pluralistic society as a new way of youth ministry

Stream 5: Robert Owusu Agyarko – Youth Ministry in Academia: A study on Youth Ministry in the Ghanaian Tertiary Level Institutions

9:00-10:00pm  Fellowship in the bar area


Sunday, 4th January

7:45 am          Morning Prayer

8:30 am          Breakfast

9:30 am          Keynote 2: Andy Root – Do We Need to Relegate the Empirical? Practical Theology, the Experience of Young People and Divine Action

11:00 am        Morning Tea

11:30 am        Elective papers (Session 2)

Stream 1: Frantisek Stech – Knowledge of Faith and Imagination of Reason: Justification of belief in contemporary Youth Ministry?

Stream 2: Sharon Galgay Ketcham & Belle Liang – A Potential Ecclesiology: Adolescents and a Maturing Faith in Christ

Stream 3: Graham Stanton – The role of the imagination in the dynamics of Bible Engagement for Spiritual Formation of young people

Stream 4: Sally and Paul Nash – Metaphors for understanding the spiritual and religious needs of young people with cancer: reflections from an empirical research project

Stream 5: Craig Gould – Hispanic Ministry and Vocational Calling

1:00 pm          Lunch

1:30 pm          Travel to Oasis in Central London

3:00 pm          Keynote 3: Urban Working, Inclusion and Community Transformation

4:00 pm          Break

4:15 pm          London Practitioners (including Patrick Regan, XLP; Matt Barber, Oasis Enfield)

5:00 pm          Sandwich tea and refreshments

5:30 pm          Free evening with worship options in Central London


Monday, 5th January

7:45 am          Breakfast

8:30 am          Morning Worship

9:30 am          Keynote 4: Ruth Lukabyo – Protestant Youth Ministry at the University of Sydney in the 1930s

11:00 am        Morning tea

11:30 am        Elective papers (Session 3)

Stream 1: Andy Root – Roundtable: Science for Youth Ministry

Stream 2: David White – The Fire and Light at the Heart of the World: Reclaiming the Centrality of Aesthetics in Youth Ministry

Stream 3: Steve Emery-Wright – Transformative Liminality: A Study of Emerging Adults

Stream 4: Ogidi Joshua Dickson – Oral History as a Methodology for Knowledge: The Typology of the Recabites in Jeremiah 35

Stream 5: Len Kageler – Youth Ministry Theological Foundations and Youth Ministry Praxis: Baptists and Anglicans in Five Countries on Four Continents

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00 pm          Free time

6:30 pm          Dinner

7:30 pm          Keynote 5: Shantelle Weber – A plea for a (South) African voice in youth ministry research

9:00 pm          IASYM Members’ Meeting

10:00 pm        Fellowship in the bar area


Tuesday, 6th January

7:45 am          Morning worship

8:30 am          Breakfast

9:30 am          Elective papers (Session 4)

Stream 1: Jason Lief – Cultivating a “Religionless” Social Imaginary: Youth Ministry in a Secular Age

Stream 2: Jos de Kock – Youth ministry research as constructing theology

Stream 3: Bert Roebben – Youth Ministry through the Lens of Meister Eckhart

Stream 4: Malan Nel – Imagine making disciples in Youth Ministry… That will make disciples

Stream 5: Daniel Jessen – Integrating Culturally-Appropriate Rites of Passage into Youth Ministry Practice in the Philippines

11:00 am        Morning Tea

11:30 am        Keynote 6: Pete Ward – Blueprint Ecclesiology and the Lived: Normativity as a Perilous Faithfulness

1:00 pm          Lunch

2:00 pm          Departure

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