Supporting and developing the professionalisation of youth ministry around the world

The IASYM is focussed on furthering the academic study and research of youth and youth ministry, the formal teaching and training of youth ministry (at universities, seminaries, denominations, para-church organisations, local ministries, or wherever else it may occur), and on the growth and development of youth ministry as a recognised profession.

Our goal is to raise the profile of youth ministry as a calling, career and/or professional enterprise, and to encourage the reflection on youth ministry as an academic discipline that will support youth ministry at this level.

The association produces the Journal of Youth and Theology, published two times a year by Brill publishers.

Membership in the association is by approval, and is offered at no additional cost to subscribers of the Journal of Youth and Theology. Members also receive discounted registration to international and regional conferences.

The Association is governed by a constitution, and its affairs run by an executive committee, elected by members at each international conference