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Proposed Constitutional Changes

The following changes to the constitution are proposed to be voted on at the membersí meeting in January 2015. In In

accord with the existing constitution, the proposed changes were supported by three members and were received by the

executive prior to 1 June, 2014. The proposed changes are now being sent to all active association members no less

than three months ahead of the January 2015 membersí meeting.

There are four proposed changes relating to grammar, the appointment of trustees, the directions for elections to the

Executive committee and the acceptance of proxy voting at membersí meetings:


1. Replace all references to Member's meetings with Members' meetings throughout the constitution


2. Add point 7 relating to the appointment of trustees to the UK charity, IASYM (UK), the legal body through

which the Association can enter into contracts and operate a bank account.

a. The charity is 'fully accountable' to the executive committee, meaning that the exec is 'in charge' of

the charity and that the trustees report to and execute decisions made by the executive.

b. Trustees are appointed by the executive either from existing members of the executive, or by coopting

other members of the association

c. Adjust numbering of points 7 through 9 accordingly


3. Replace directions given for elections to the Executive committee (previously at point 6.5) with point 9.3.

a. Clarify membership of nominations committee to be drawn from members of the executive not

standing for re-election.

b. Detail timing of close of nominations and production of candidates' list in order to facilitate

communication with proxies across all time zones (includes clarification of language regarding information

provided regarding candidates for election)

c. Remove power of nominations committee to decide final list of candidates. Add option of requiring

voting for candidates in regional groupings to ensure regional representation (e.g. if there are 8 candidates for 2

positions, with 5 from North America and Europe and three others from Asia and Africa, the nominations

committee could direct members to vote for one candidate from the American and European candidates, and

one from the Asian and African candidates).

d. Delete point 6.5 and adjust numbering of points 6.6 through 6.9 accordingly


4. Detail acceptance of proxy voting at members' meetings

a. Point 9.4 allows for proxy voting and leaves principals free to decide whether or not to give specific

direction to their proxy.

b. Point 9.1 accepts the counting of proxies to be included in establishing a quorum.


The text of the constitution including proposed changes is available for download and review here. 

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